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Invisalign vs Braces in Pensacola, FL

Don’t know whether to get traditional metal braces or Invisalign® treatment?At Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics – which serves patients in the Crestview, Pensacola, and Santa Rosa Beach areas – we can tell you what works best, is more cost-effective, and makes the most sense for your case. Whatever you choose, you want to make sure the job is done correctly the first time, so you don’t have to come back and do it again.

Getting Straight to the Basics: Braces vs. Invisalign®

Both braces, and Invisalign® are designed to straighten teeth, improve your smile and enhance your overall oral health.

Unlike braces, which use a set of metal brackets interconnected by wires and colorful rubber bands, Invisalign® is almost invisible. Made of a smooth clear plastic, Invisalign® is free of BPAs, and is placed directly over your teeth to shift your teeth over period of time. To ensure you are given the right treatment, impressions, X-rays and pictures will be taken to create 3-D images of your mouth and make sure your aligners fit the exact dimensions of your teeth.

Which is better? Braces or Invisalign®?

Both braces and Invisalign® come with a set of pros and cons. Here are some of the differences between their construction and use


  • Braces: Made of metal; typically silver, though other colors can be used
  • Invisalign®: Virtually invisible

Treatment Time

  • Braces: Permanently adhered to your teeth for approximately two years
  • Invisalign®: Treatment averages 11 months depending on the complexity of your case


  • Braces: Brackets and wires require regularly brushing
  • Invisalign®: Clean your Invisalign® trays using a dedicated cleaning system or brushing

Follow-up Visits

  • Braces: Periodically, every 4 – 8 weeks
  • Invisalign®: Periodically, for 8 – 12-weekintervals

Follow-up to Treatment

  • Braces: Retainer or positioner might be needed after braces; typically, only worn at night
  • Invisalign®: Retainer or positioner might be needed after trays; typically only worn at night



  • Aids more complicated problems
  • Requires no additional cleaning, aside from regularly brushing and flossing


  • Virtually invisible
  • Removable
  • Makes eating and chewing easy, without concern of food getting stuck
  • No wires mean no bracket discomfort



  • There might be soreness, pain or discomfort related to brackets, wires or tooth movement
  • Patients may have problems eating food that is too hard or sticky
  • Tooth breakage or discoloration may occur


  • Some discomfort may arise from teeth movement
  • Patients will need to brush after every meal to avoid stains
  • Needs to be removed when eating or drinking unless drinking water

Not Ideal for the Following Patients:


  • Those who regularly play rough contact sports


  • Those who have trouble keeping their trays in their mouth all day long
  • Those who tend to bite down on their back teeth
  • Those who need to move teeth vertically
  • Those needing to rotate their premolars or canine teeth

In the battle between braces and Invisalign® there’s no right or wrong answer. If you are an adult or a child who tends to be self-conscious, you will likely prefer Invisalign®. Although trays need to be taken out for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing the ability to do so makes Invisalign®the more desirable option for many patients. Because it is a newer process and its use depends primarily on the wearer, success rates for Invisalign® are hard to pin down.

Finally, if you need work on your back teeth, to move teeth vertically or to rotate teeth, you might prefer braces. By making an appointment with Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics today, our staff will be able to determine which method is right for you to achieve your desired results.

If you are interested in receiving orthodontic care to improve your overall oral health, contact Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics today to schedule a complimentary consultation. With offices in Crestview, Pensacola, and Santa Rosa Beach, our professional team can help you decide whether braces or Invisalign® is right for you.

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