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Preventative Dentistry in Pensacola, FL

If you want to prevent dental problems before they become a really big problem, then take the time to take care of your teeth, and with locations in Crestview, Pensacola, and Santa Rosa Beach, Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics offers preventative dentistry to improve yours and your family’s oral health and to help you build more beautiful smiles.

What Is Preventative Dentistry?

Your teeth can experience wear and tear and in those cases, preventative dentistry procedures help provide important maintenance designed to boost and strengthen your oral health for life. Preventative dentistry can keep your smile going for years to come, and can help you avoid painful, costly dental procedures further down the road.  Too many patients put off preventative dentistry procedures, but in the long run, this tendency will incur additional pain and money.

Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Your teeth undergo the effects of normal “wear and tear” every day, but Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics preventative dentistry services offer a variety of benefits to address possible dental problems.Keeping bacteria and infections from growing in cracks and chips, which can eliminate the need for costly procedures later

What Are the Preventative Dentistry Procedures?

At Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics, two of our most common preventative dentistry services include dental sealants  and dental fillings  which are both designed to prevent your tooth from experiencing significant decay that could lead to an extraction or root canal. We utilize digital X-rays  to identify potential pathologies or periodontal disease that may not be visible to the eye, and in addition to routine teeth cleanings  which are vital to your prevention of different dental issues.

Services we offer:

How Much Does Preventative Dentistry Cost?

Preventative dentistry is essential to your dental health, and most insurance carriers will cover some forms of preventative dentistry, so take the time to check with your carrier to determine if you are covered for these procedures. If you do not have dental insurance, Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics offers financing options through CareCredit® and OrthoBanc®.

Is Preventative Dentistry Right for Me?

Maintaining optimal oral health is crucial to avoid tooth decay, as well as more intensive and invasive procedures. Don’t delay, contact us today, and set up your preventative dentistry consultation now .

Why Choose Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics?

Our commitment to you is to deliver affordable excellence and brilliant smiles. Make Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics your choice for premier preventative dentistry services.

What to Expect During Your Preventative Dentistry Consultation

We’re the dentist truest to our name, Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics, and during your preventative dentistry consultation at Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics, we will carefully examine the tooth or teeth that need to be treated, and we may utilize digital X-rays or advanced imaging technology to fully diagnose any latent dental problems.

Contact our Crestview, Pensacola, or Santa Rosa Beach location to schedule an appointment to discuss preventative dentistry treatment.

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