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Teeth Cleanings in Pensacola, FL

It’s important to care for your family’s teeth with professional teeth cleaning every six months. With locations in Crestview, Pensacola, and Santa Rosa Beach, Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics offers the finest quality professional teeth cleaning to residents who care about their smile and their oral health.

What Is Teeth Cleaning?

While your regular at-home oral health habits are crucial to preventing tooth decay, there is still a buildup of plaque, which is why most dental authorities recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. Plaque is a sticky, soft film that gathers on your enamel in cracks and crevices, and it contains millions of bacteria, which cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Professional teeth cleaning by the experts at Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics will remove plaque, tartar,and stains that have accumulated on your teeth. Quality professional cleaning of your teeth is a crucial part of your good oral hygiene and is needed periodically to maintain the overall health of your teeth and gums.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Cleaning?

In between routine cleanings, good oral hygiene at home is a vital component of your oral health habits designed to prevent tartar build-up and gum disease. However, even with routine brushing and flossing of your teeth and gums, tartar can and will still develop. At Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics, we use highly specialized instruments to gently remove these deposits without causing harm to the teeth.

How Do I Know If Teeth Cleaning Is Right for Me?

Dental cleanings are designed to remove plaque buildup and tartar deposits that have accumulated on your teeth over time. Professional dental cleaning reinforces the homecare oral health regimen of brushing and flossing and gives the dentist an opportunity to locate areas in the mouth that may need special attention. Schedule your consultation now and find out why teeth cleaning at Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics is right for you.

What is the Procedure for Teeth Cleaning?

Most of our dental cleanings last between 30 minutes to an hour on average, and they are performed in a resting position in our ultra-comfortable dental chairs. The first tool that is generally used to clean your teeth is an ultrasonic instrument. Once larger pieces of tartar are dislodged, then we will switch to finer hand-held instruments. Often referred to as curettes or scalers, these tools are designed to eliminate smaller deposits on the teeth and smooth the tooth surfaces. Once the surfaces of the teeth are smooth, we will polish your teeth using a slow-speed handpiece containing a soft rubber cup, which spins at the tip to smooth teeth.

How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost?

Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics achieves all goals, including meeting financial goals and budget. We care, and our patient advocates will work with you to customize a treatment plan for teeth cleaning that fits your budget,needs, and expectations.

Why Choose Comfort Dental Care And Orthodontics?

Clean your teeth every six months with the dental experts upon whom you really can rely on atComfort Dental Care and Orthodontics. Whatever stage of dental care you or your loved ones require, we are here to help with the calmest dentist office experience and the kindest and best dental care for the brightest smile possible.  We know patients appreciate flexibility, so we provide convenient ways to make and confirm your appointments. Contact us now  and a friendly Comfort Dental Care team member will help set up your appointment.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your initial consultation our experts will carefully examine your teeth, professionally clean your teeth, and then address any issues that are of concern to you, with a focus on listening, hearing and understanding your needs.

Need to have your teeth cleaned? You should do it every six months with Comfort Dental Care and Orthodontics. Contact our Crestview, Pensacola, or Santa Rosa Beach locations to schedule your teeth cleaning appointment.

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